A WORD FROM … Paul Kerry

Dear Friends,

“Does the school still come in to the church?” This is a question many of us often hear from people in the parish who remember days of special services, parade events and other visits. Our church still has a special place in the hearts of our communities; not least the other centres of those communities - the schools. 

Developed alongside the new headteacher at Parton and others, we are trialling a new initiative called “School Sunday”, which will take place on a second Sunday in the month. The idea is that children, families and staff from one of our schools will come and share what they’ve been learning in the way of a Christian value, and a song. 

This will happen during the slot normally designed for children in the service and will be followed by the children heading up to Sunday School as normal. Sunday School on School Sunday is a bit of a mouthful but also has a nice ring to it! 

As mentioned in church, this will initially be led every other month by the church school in our parish St. Bridget’s Parton, but will provide opportunities for the other schools in our parish to be involved too, if they would like. 

Regardless of what the uptake is, this is another step our church can make to extend the welcome of Jesus to our community in a way that is accessible to, enjoyable for, and creatively involving them. Would you join me as we enter May in praying for a successful and welcoming first “School Sunday.” 

Yours in Christ,