A WORD FROM ... Ruth Barwise

Dear Friends,

 With Paul being on holiday with the family he has asked if I could write the letter this month.  I thought I would explore the theme of communication. 

 When you reach for the dictionary it says communication is a noun which means 

“the imparting of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.”

So how do we communicate as a church family?

There is much evidence on a Sunday morning that plenty of speaking is taking place!  We are very good at communicating with each other especially over a mug of coffee. After all we are one big family!  Lots of talk about - holidays, families, ailments, football and sometimes we might even talk about the sermon! When not at church we are good at using our phones. Remember the old BT advert? “It’s good to talk”. With the use of mobile phones, we can even chat to each other when we’re not at home!

 Writing is perhaps in decline as a form of communication, good old fashioned pen and paper writing, but there is lots of evidence we use other types or writing. Lots of emails, texts and even WhatsApp’s are shared. If you have access to the necessary technology they can be a good way to communicate. Short messages that reach the recipient quickly. But we must be careful as the danger is that these brief exchanges can be misinterpreted. How words are used is very important.

 As a church family we can communicate to a wider audience through our Facebook pages and our Website. I know of people who keep in touch with us from as far away as America, Canada, South Africa and Australia using these mediums. Isn’t it good to know that we might be communicating with people we might not even have met! People who might never have visited Moresby let alone our church.

 But surely the best other medium we can use is the most powerful way to communicate as a church family and that is to pray. That’s why the PCC are introducing a time of prayer after the services. A time to communicate with God and share with Him all that is important in our parish and in the wider world. Why not join us today in prayer after the service?



It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to what bits and pieces we need to collect for Julie to coordinate for the shoe boxes annual appeal. Here are some suggestions….

TOYS: dolls, toy trucks, soft toys (with a CE label), harmonicas, yoyos, skipping ropes, balls, small puzzles etc.  

SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils, sharpeners, crayons, felt tips, colouring books, notepads etc 

HYGIENE ITEMS: a bar of wrapped soap, toothbrush, comb, hairbrush, flannel.

 OTHER ITEMS: hat, cap, gloves, scarf, sunglasses, wind up torch.


Also, we still need lots of empty shoe boxes so why not treat yourself to anew pair of shoes today!  

Note: Image courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse


If you would like to have a dedication in one of our new pew bibles, please see Ruth. Recently, we have had dedications for a baptism and a Ruby Wedding Anniversary. If you have someone special in mind, or something special coming up, then maybe this is something to consider.



The foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. Local professional care-workers within Allerdale and Copeland refer them, with a food voucher, to the foodbank centre where they are given their food supplies, a cup of coffee and help in finding other professionals who can help them out of their crisis. In rural areas they are given Emergency Food Boxes direct by the local care-workers.

The foodbank allows the general public to contribute to and support local well-being in a simple practical way. Emergency Food Supplies are a short-term measure allowing a breathing space at times of great need. For further details of the work of the foodbank and how you can be involved contact: info@thefoodbank.org.uk
0750 2311 452

We have a collection box in the foyer at the back of church. 
Instant Mash
UHT Milk (1 litre, not skimmed)
Pasta Sauce
Kids Pack Meat (Hot Dogs, Meatballs)

Shopping List 2019:
No Low Calorie Foods please.
No Sachets of 'Pasta and Sauce' mixes, please.

Fruit Juice (1 ltr carton UHT)
Tomatoes (400g tinned/carton)
Tinned Fruit (400g)
Tinned Vegetables (400g)
Tinned Meat (400g)
Tinned Fish (100g)
Rice Pudding (400g tinned)
Cereal (Medium, 500g ONLY)
Pasta Sauces (jars or sachets)
Pasta (medium bags 500g of dried pasta)
Milk (Full fat or Semi-skimmed, UHT ONLY)
Sponge Pudding (400g tinned)
Biscuits, Snack Bars, Chocolate
Jam (not homemade)
Tinned Beans (400g)
Tinned Soups (400g)
Instant Mash Potato (1pkt)

Due to storage, distribution and health considerations unfortunately the Northlakes Foodbank cannot use: Perishable or fresh food (e.g. meat, cheese, dairy, bakery etc.), Damaged tins or packages, Food outside of its use-by date.


A WORD FROM ... Paul Kerry

Dear Friends,

He will never forgive me for doing this but as Jim retires from his catering business I want to take a moment to thank God for, and learn lessons from, the way he has conducted himself in his work. 

The business as we all know is called “Pies and More” and, as someone once commented, whenever you deal with the business you always get more. Jim has warmly and supportively built a staff team many of whom have been with him for years and who have grown in their confidence at work in the gifts Jim has helped them bring out. Whenever customers have used the company they have spoken of the friendly service, professional quality, and reliable delivery of orders. Jim himself has been up early and to bed late often shouldering much work on his own – although we know how supported he has been by Ruth! Many of our church events have used Pies and More and been provided at cost which has made the events accessible for all. And through it all Jim has served as a prayerful, wise and committed church warden for us at St. Bridget’s. 

When we looked at the material “Fruitfulness on the Frontline” one quality we sought to nurture was making good work. Jim’s time at Pies and More, and indeed throughout his career, has been a shining example to us all of what that can look like. As I look at Jim’s example words from 1 Corinthians 10 come to mind: “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”                                                             

Yours in Christ, 


A WORD FROM ... Paul Kerry

Dear Friends,

It was such a joy to share such an amazing verse with us all recently. It was from Isaiah 43v1, where God assures the hearts of his people with the words: “Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are mine”.

The words came just after Liverpool had won the Champions League. The name of their club etched into the trophy, the names of their players sung from the terraces, the name of their manager inscribed in football’s hall of fame.

I suspect our names have never received such honour or dignity. Maybe for some of us, our names have been given the opposite treatment before. But the wonderful truth of Isaiah 43 is that our names are sung in heaven. God himself calls out our names with the joy and delight of someone calling a child to run into their arms.

The reason Liverpool’s name was so hallowed recently was because of their success, triumph and achievement. But the wonderful news of the gospel is that our names aren’t on God’s lips because of any merit, religious act or work of ours, but because of the free love of God, and the merit of his son Jesus alone.

This month, no matter what we have or haven’t done, no matter how low others might have treated our name, would we find comfort in the staggering thought that God calls us by name. And, would we respond.

Yours In Christ,