roman moresby

The parish church of Moresby, St Bridget’s, occupies a unique location.

Sited on a former Roman camp, known as Gabrosentum, and counting William Wordsworth’s brother John among its past clergy.


the arch

The church dates from 1822, but there is evidence of a much earlier place of worship being here as far back as the 13th century, and an ancient chancel arch still stands in the churchyard as testament.


the graveyard

In these grounds lay the remains of the notable Fletcher family, former Lords of the Manor of Moresby where tombs are “grey with the blasts that for ages have whistled over this storm swept home of the dead.”


the bells

On 13th July 2018, St. Bridget's Church Moresby celebrated the installation of new church bells with a special blessing service. When you hear the beautiful sound of bells coming from the tower, it is another sign that we are welcoming people to come and worship with us!